Interactive & Intuitive

EduNxt is designed to engage learners with an environment that contains all of the teaching and learning elements necessary to successfully deliver online courses whether they are supplemental, hybrid or fully online. Key features include,

  • Intuitive learner dashboard for accessing courses, learning interventions
  • Progress based on learning calendar & centralized tracking
  • Stakeholder managed schedules with analytics on completion
  • Supplements instructor led training through in-class surprise assessments and for self-paced learning
  • EduNxt supports wide variety of question types that include assessments to enable,
    • Time shifted interactions based on convenience
    • Programming labs in cloud
  • Automated help using AI Bot
  • Monitor Learning Activity completion with Grade books
  • Announcements and Push notifications for communication

Mobile Enabled

EduNxt mobile app provides an intuitive user-experience and enables continuous learning through:

  • Summary cards / Job Aids
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Interactive HTMLs
  • Long-form eBooks
  • Gamified quizzes

Collaborate & Motivate

Learning occurs in many different ways. Key aspects to learning include communication, peer evaluation and collaboration.

EduNxt provides tools such as Discussions, Ask, Group Projects, Virtual Collaboration Tool (capability to integrate VC tool like WebEx…) 


Cloud Infrastructure

EduNxt is offered as a cloud hosted service. We have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Amazon’s AWS Cloud Computing Services provide a global network with layers of redundancy built in to ensure maximum availability for hosted services.
  • Deployment is faster with quick turnaround time, minimal project start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses
  • Instantly meet the demand for more bandwidth during peak
  • Cloud based service eliminates the need for complex disaster recovery plans.
  • Applying application software upgrades/updates becomes much easier and centralized
  • Designed to scale horizontally and vertically and as a result additional capacity can be deployed in minutes.